Tami Brown

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Tami has been a resident of Valley County since 2003. Tami and her son Kurt Charlton, moved to Cascade when she married Bob Brown. Prior to living in Cascade, Tami worked as a Business Analyst for St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Boise,  where she was employed for 15 years.   She spent the first seven years in Cascade working with Bob, setting up and maintaining the financial side of C.E. Construction (Custom Home Builders).

During her 3rd year in Cascade, Tami was involved in a downhill mountain bike accident, with significant right side trauma to the pelvis, hip, and rear shoulder and rib cage.  There were no broken bones, but the trauma produced long term involuntary muscle contractions and a lateralization to the right side, leaving her with a great deal of pain.  The level of participation in her many beloved oxygen fed sports was greatly reduced.  Driving long distances and sleep became major issues.  After trying self-rehab at lower intensity levels and then finally seeking physical therapy and a physician consultation without results, Tami found Somatics on the web and purchased a self help program to address the contracted muscle groups identified by a physical therapist.

After a short time, having had an experience of gleefullness with relief of pain and freedom of motion, Tami enrolled in the training program for Hanna Somatic Educators.   She began training in July of 2010 and will return every 6 months for another module for three years. Tami is trained and authorized to teach each module as they are completed.  She is fortunate to train directly under Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D. and four other wonderful teachers and long time CHSE’s.  Tami will graduate as a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator(CHSE) in 2013 at the same time as her son Kurt, graduates from Cascade High School.

Simply Somatics was created by Tami Brown, to bring Hanna Somatics to Idaho residents who can benefit from this work. Simply Somatics is dedicated to teaching the somatics discipline of Hanna Somatics.

Your journey to a pain-free life begins here.

By enhancing voluntary mind and muscle communication,  Hanna Somatics can alleviate pain brought about by injury, repetitive motion strain, habituated postures and emotional stress, as well as giving greater injury protection and improving recovery times.  Learn more about how Somatic education can improve your quality of life by relieving you of pain.

For more information, and to book an individual session, visit Tami’s website:  SimplySomatics.com