Using the alignment and heart-opening focus of Anusara yoga as a foundation, Rachel distills what she has experienced as the most effective tools from a wide range of yoga styles. She draws from 8 years of experience in yoga therapy, bodywork, and teaching public classes, workshops, and retreats. Originally from northern New Mexico, Rachel moved to BGetInlineoise from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009.  She first began practicing yoga in 1999 as a natural transition from a background in gymnastics.  As a fine art painter, Rachel approaches her classes creatively, with a belief in the capacity of the yoga practice as expressive and artful.
Her primary teachers through a decade of study have been John Friend, Sianna Sherman, and Noah Maze. She has over 700 hours of Anusara Yoga training, including extensive therapeutic experience.  Rachel’s work in therapeutic movement is informed by training with bodyworker Deane Juhan (author of Job’s Body), as well as Kim Holmes and Jean Claude West in Marin County. Her teaching is fun and approachable and rooted in her experience of the practice as a conduit of health, balance, and personal growth. Rachel is also available for private yoga sessions.

Teaching Schedule

  • Tues, 7:15 – 8:30 pm, Therapeutic Yoga

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