Pam has been practicing Physical Therapy for 19 years, working with people in a variety of settings, with a wide variety of diagnoses.  She graduated from Duke University in 1992 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.  Since then she has worked in hospitals, rehabilitation settings, nursing homes, home health and outpatient clinics.  She enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities.   She is particularly interested in geriatrics, neurology and pain relief.

After many years as a therapist, Pam began practicing yoga regularly and was amazed at the benefits she derived from the practice, both physically and spiritually.  Realizing that the practice of yoga is an excellent complement to her knowledge of Physical Therapy, she decided to combine the two disciplines.  She recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Shanti Yoga School (Debbi Murphy) and is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance.  Her knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology and health issues give her invaluable experience to share with students as a yoga teacher.

IMG_4652Pam believes that the practice of yoga is beneficial to a person’s all around well-being.  Yoga helps improve the body physically by increasing flexibility, strength, endurance and improving balance and posture.  Most importantly, yoga increases one’s own body awareness, which is essential to a person’s well-being.  Spiritually, yoga helps calm the mind and decrease stress, which in turn can be beneficial to the physical body.

As a practitioner at Sage Yoga  & Wellness, Pam will employ traditional Physical Therapy techniques, while also incorporating the practice of yoga, when appropriate, to heal the body.  Whether you are recovering from surgery, healing an injury, dealing with a chronic illness, or searching for pain relief, the dual practices of Physical Therapy and yoga can be an effective treatment for you.   She will also be available to teach private yoga sessions, whether you are looking to improve your practice, learn the poses correctly for the first time, or use yoga as a way to deal with a problem area of the body.

Teaching Schedule

  • Mon, 12 – 12:50 pm, Power Lunch

Please email her at or call 208-869-4172 to set up an appt. or for more information.