As a Certified Amma Therapist, Rachel received her diploma from The Wellspring School of Healing Arts: 1000 hour Amma Therapy Program.  Amma is a Traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork form;  during a treatment, massage, needleless stimulation of acu-points, and supplemental therapies such as gua-sha, fire-cupping and moxibustion are used to encourage the body into a greater state of well-being.  Nutritional council, meditative movement recommendations,and lifestyle modifications can be offered to empower clients with tools to continue the healing process, and support  and maintain vitality off the table.  Rachel weaves compassion and intuition into her treatments, sharing a humble and joyful perspective on life.  She teaches and performs West African dance and drum locally, facilitating youth programs throughout the region. 

Rachel enjoys exploring the richness of the natural world with her fabulous husband and three wonderful children. Rachel is passionate about continuing on the path of discovery in healing arts, and their application in family practice and pre-natal care.

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