Candice and her family moved to Boise in 2006 from NW Oregon.  They love so many things about Boise and hope to stay as long as they can.  She is currently employed by a 3 year old little girl and 6 year old young man.  Candice’s children are her inspiration for teaching yoga.  She began yoga dhyana (meditation) when she was just 17 years old, and has practiced yoga asana off and on for the last 15 years.

Candice Headshot

In 2007 she began a daily home asana practice and started to see it benefit every aspect of her life from the small moments like doing the dishes, to something that was a big part of her daily life already, her yoga dhyana practice.  The reason she began to practice consistently was because she wanted to learn to share the calming aspects of meditation with her son when he was going through the challenging ages of 2 and 3.  She had realized that the meditation that she did would not help a young child because asking a 2 year old to sit still for even 2 minutes was just not possible.  This is when she really started looking into a form of moving meditation we call yoga asana.  It is next to impossible to teach something we do not know so she began her practice and his. It was a perfect fit, she can help him connect with his feeling and even help him express his emotions through their practice.  No

w both her son and daughter do their yoga together as a family every chance they get.

Candice completed her 200 hour training with Shanti Yoga School in September 2011.  It was such an amazing experience to see a beautiful community of people coming together to share what they know about all aspects of yoga that she decided to extend her training.  She is currently in the 500 hour program and is helping build Shanti Yoga’s Children Teacher Training program.

Teaching Schedule

  • Sun, 11 – 12 pm, Family Yoga