Bill is originally from Texas and has lived in Boise for 25 years. Bill was both a runner and a weightlifter and would use the opportunity of the practice of yoga for therapy, flexibility, and relaxation.   He soon realized there was so much more offered by the practice that resonated with his quest in Life.

Bill graduated from Shanti Yoga School’s 200 and 500 hour teacher training program and is a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance.  Although Shanti Yoga School advocates study with numerous masters in a variety Bill Dial Boise Yoga Teacherof styles, Bill’s training and practice is grounded in Vinyasa Karma (art and science of combining the elements of Yoga in a sequence that makes an effective and safe practice) and study of foundational yoga scriptures. He has attended many workshops throughout years, including those taught by: Julian Marc Walker, Sara Ivanhoe, Annie Carpenter, Baxter Bell, Micheline Berry, Christine Sell, and Noah Maze.  His personal practice and self study education includes The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Tantric Yoga, Viniyoga, and Yin Yoga.

Bill’s practices Sadhana (daily spiritual practice). It is the foundation of his spiritual endeavor. Sadhana is his personal and individual spiritual effort. It is his main tool he uses to work on to achieve the purpose of life.

Bill’s attitude of slow flow Vinyasa Yoga is one of childlike curiosity, exploring the practice and remembering the joy is not the journey but life itself. Bill’s breath lead approach to yoga will remind the students that the strength of their practice is in its diversity which gives them room to develop their individual personalities and philosophy while still being effective and safe using a gentle process, without force or stain. He offers his students a willingness to change, grow and put efforts into their well-being and personal transformation. If you enjoy a practice that is a little slower, without force or stain, and with a little unpredictable then Bill’s classes are for you.

When Bill is not on his mat, he enjoys time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.  Bill is also a practicing Landscape Architect in Boise.

Teaching Schedule

  • Sun, 9:00 – 10:30 am, Sunday Yoga Bliss